Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Being pushed by others

The words below apply to another story, but on the one hand the meaning behind it links to so many other treatments as well.

"Just because you are not like these other people does not mean there's something wrong with you. Much of this supposedly normal behavior is just our culture, our one little warped and not-all-that-admirable culture, a culture that values certainty, confidence, speaking up, saying what's on your mind, raising your hand with the answer, asking for the sale, going for the gusto...

The rest of the world is not necessarily like us. Nor is lawyering all about being glib and fast on your feet...

Everybody's building their cases and that's what they're doing when they're asking you questions: They're cross-examining you. They're giving you the third degree.
So screw them. You don't have to answer. Be an uncooperative witness. Plead the fifth. Just do what you came there to do: learn the law. Then after you've learned the law, go out and practice it."

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