Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Brrr...A hopeless battle with nature

As summer begins I think it appropriate to remember winter as well. Often do I hear people say what their favourite season is, majoritively complaining about Britain and the weather conditions-how those wish to move away from it all. I can't help but sigh to myself when I hear these comments, for I see it as waste less energy for something to complain about. Weather is out of our hands and all we can do is prepare ourselves for how we take it. I find it best to remind self in what we appreciate more because of the change in environment. Let nature be nature and take its course, for then we shall follow it and make our own.
'Maybe the discontent that comes to us in winter is in the realization that every moment of joy is but a brief resting point on the greater journey toward oblivion. Or maybe that's too grand. Maybe the discontent in winter is the discontent about the fleeting quality of the present. Nothing holds still for very long, after all. Nothing that feels good stays good for very long. Even in Los Angeles, the perfect sunny day turns to night; a feeling of contentment is replaced by anxiety somewhere along the line.
If there is a greater contentment to be found, then, it is in the contentment of discontent. It is in the willingness, maybe, to have your winters and to have them in their dreariness and decay, neither surrendering completely to that discontent nor pretending to solve it.'


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