Thursday, 26 May 2011

Falling in love with Mrs Obama

Upon visit to a school, Michelle Obama gets perspective realistic with schoolgirls. It is people like this, who reach out to others that I really admire. There is no grandeur, superficial 'I am doing this to prove my worth and status'. With the Obama's, in my gut instinct it does feel genuine.
'Mrs Obama told the schoolgirls that they had to break through all the barriers of prejudice and self doubt.
She had faced the same doubts about "fitting in" when she went to college, she said. "Doubts don't go away, you just learn to deal with them"...
Maybe she'd already seen one motorcade too many, as she told the girls the whole point of the presidency was to help young people such as themselves.

"The dresses, the cars, the horses, the carriages... I can watch that on TV," she told them with a shrug.'

In my limited knowledge for what the Royals do for the country, even though this is written by the BBC (with whom I feel in general sometimes they are perhaps too general and scared to tell it like it is in their articles) I value a warmer and more human approach to political figures. Most of the time, when we read about politicians, or the opposite world of 'celebrities' we forget they are people too. The media becomes a dangerous world for those who reluct themselves to representation, automatically they take on a responsibility in creating a respectable role model figure. I believe it is up to us in order to accept or reject their ideology, however I can understand the pressure mounted on each person featuring in the media. What should or shouldn't they say about anything? You could say that the safe option is to say nothing at all, but to me that seems cowardice. For Michelle Obama I completely respect her desire to advise children, and not simply smile and wave. Michelle Obama has a natural grace, she shows her heart and we feel it too; something of which all children would appreciate more, whether it's from a teacher or a school visitor.

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