Sunday, 8 May 2011

It seems to be a cancer day...again

Everything I read today, I don't know whether it is because it is something I have been affected by (I hate that phrase) but what I read seems to be linked to Cancer...


I know other words more appropriate to the big 'C' but that's a whole other conversation...

Everyday the subject of health stares us in the face, so how literal are we meant to take all of the warnings? News reports, health scares, television shows...Most films show aspects of cancer within them though few cinema releases are actually based around the topic. Sure, it never is a thrilling thing to discuss-the doom and gloom attached to it really is a put down compared to our usual jolly every day being, does there need to be a new approach to it all? I mean, everyday is about cancer but everyday is about a lot of other things as well. I know from experience that awareness is one of the most important things about cancer, what people automatically link to the illness is if i have this, I am going to die. These thoughts are fair enough though not necessarily how ends will meet. I feel there is a huge important in almost re marketing cancer, someone needs to get their ass on the PR of it all.

I know full well that if I had the disease, I wouldn't want my everyday to be focused around my 'health'. When there are people in your lives experiencing these emotions, it can feel like no escape. Even when it comes down to the people who really know you, sometimes being around those can be the worst situation. It all comes down to cancer, how you become treated-special treatment is fine but no-body wants the out of the ordinary 'service'. Whether you know the stage of what your body may hold, is it treatable or not?...everyday really is about YOU and not the others. Of course, health and illness from what you may have gathered from my past posts isn't always about one. Understandably we must consider the feelings attached to the person experiencing the cancer conventions though I think it a good idea to let them breathe. No-one wants the extra fuss, but no-one wants the extra reminder that one day, whether it be in months, a year or several that they might not be around anymore.
We all might not be around anymore. So I think it is important right now to appreciate the time we have to make together. The time we have to build. The time to say, what would you like to do today,  and the time to say, these are my plans lets fit around this.  My abbreviations may sound a little superficial, so please bear with me, but to this day I think it necessary for all of us to give time to those who need it-whether it is time by self or time with them. Time to chill. Time to feel like them again. Everyday whether we have a count down or not shouldn't feel like some race until the end. Days now should feel amazing. Days now should feel like heaven in knowing what you do that day you have chosen to do, because you bloody well can do it!

I am sure there are preventative measures to hand we all could absorb and integrate into our known selves. If they seem like a good option, choose it and make it yours. I don't think though that pushing the idea to one experiencing the big C  is always a very good idea. Once cancer enters our lives I think a fear of clinging onto our independence becomes discovered. From a previous link, role reversals change and you see that the one who was, your rock I suppose, or the one who began to show you world becomes slowly taken away from you, it's heartbreaking yes but we have to still let them be them. We can't cushion them. How we would like it if we were treated like a baby? Because it seems that is what it feels like most of the time. Spoon fed explicities which don't do the person any justice. They need to maintain their human self and reduce their vegetable factor. Once someone holds an illness they still have a life. I think most forget we all could die tomorrow, whether that be a crash, an overdose, a stabbing-anything. We should count ourselves lucky and live our days for us, for another, for them. I think anyone who is affected by cancer wishes to do so too.

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