Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Changing the world with ideas

The following ties in nicely with the recent posts on development and evolving the world with them. True, success starts from 'failure', without the experience of being down I don't think the drive to increase would be as strong.
'the world is full of interesting ideas that might help solve some of our big problems, but nobody really knows which of these ideas will work and which will fail. So policy makers, corporate leaders and social campaigners need to be much more open to all sorts of formal and informal experiments. Jamie Oliver created an accidental experiment. It would be nice if we spent a bit more energy doing this deliberately.'
It would be nice, but I think most hold a fear in focusing their energy into taking a chance because most aren't aware of how to make use of their ideas. The possible can seem like the impossible, perhaps more motivation is required from the Government, or are they more willing when it is a matter of their control and not ours? I think we all indulge into imagining how the world would run if we have more volume in our say.

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