Thursday, 19 May 2011

A poignant letter to one and to many

I feel this article is poignant to the fact it delivers a reminder to all that one picks themselves up again. I think back to a recent discussion over the issue of euthanasia in Switzerland and this article flirts with our ideas of suicide as well.

With Cary Tennis, I think there has been only two responses he has given I have not totally agreed with. I forever remain impressed by his ability to make the world of mixed colour a little bit more like a formed rainbow. I love the ability of his words to make one smile, even though they are aimed for someone else. It is something so natural for him:
'I had a mentor who also in some ways acted as a therapist, though there was also friendship and romance involved.'
Perhaps sometimes we need to step back and look at ourselves as if we are another person assisting the nature of our 'business'. Is it wise to interview ourselves in a way to check our intentions, or plans for time ahead? I mean, surely we don't know what direction we want to take or which way we want to go until we examine what we have; picking and pointing to the parts we like and dislike. From that we can then identify if there is anything we wish to change:

'this process of emotional relearning is slow. We don't get better overnight. But we can be assured that at any moment, however deep our despair, we are generally on the right path. Things are slowly getting better.'
The difficult part is, wanting change though expecting it to come a bit sooner than possible. A daily reminder could be a good thing, we hear people advise to repeat back out loud positive phrases about ourselves though with that idea I find it all a little too patronising and sickly. Sometimes internal reminders are best, or at least writing them down to refer to (the whole ideology of this blog also).

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