Monday, 9 May 2011

Keeping secrets

When life is too short and you are proposed with an opportunity which seems ideal, clearly you would want to take it. But when there are others involved in the proposal, not necessarily at face value, can one partake in the suggested idea?

There is a particular phrase people use when they go on holiday, what happens in ... stays in ..., I don't think I personally have the conscious to keep too much of what I get up to a secret. Or perhaps what I do I generally see as nothing wrong. I always find honesty be the best way otherwise things can creep up on you and become a bit overwhelming. When secrets about self are kept, how much of it is a self lie?

Sure there is the phrase, if I am asked I will tell-otherwise lets not drag out the details. This, fair enough but I think there has to be a balance to how much you can hold back. For some, if the information gets let out after a long period of the subject matter being the unknown, this can feel worse than knowing the situation immediately. Would it feel like a stab in the back, or a mis-lead in not knowing what really has been going on? There seems to be a simple enough answer towards that, though when it comes to relationships how much of a reaction are we expecting to receive? It all seems too much like dodgy ground if people close in your life are in some way involved, we wouldn't want to hurt them. To keep secrets feels like a lie, to self and them too.

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