Tuesday, 10 May 2011

No escape from self

Time with self. Time with others. I think it healthy to have time alone to remember where you are and remember who you are too.
'Being in the moment means having the courage to know we will never be someone other than who we are and that who we are is absolutely wonderful, just as we are. Simply being still in this moment, without attachment to or thought of before or after, invites a deep sense of completion, that there really is nowhere else we need to go. It is impossible to think of somewhere else as being better -- the grass is vividly green exactly where we are.'
I think the following words sum up very well how I was feeling yesterday, and represent what I was trying to explain within my 'Dancing with myself' post:
'All we have to do is stop. Just stop. For right now, this very moment, is all there is. Nothing else is going on. Nothing else is happening. There's nowhere to go. And being right here with ourselves is exactly where we want to be, because when we are fully here, this moment becomes the most precious, delightful, enjoyable and outrageous moment there is...
When we are fully present, the world in which we live becomes extraordinary, as if being seen and heard and touched for the first time, for we are without preconceived ideas or desires. There is just the experience. Like a child making the unknown known, we are simply with what is, while also impelled to know it more intimately, to explore and understand, even to become it.'
It really is a blessing.

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