Monday, 16 May 2011

To label a man in a skirt

A 'life' story posted on by Jon-Jon Goulian. Naturally we all end up being labelled, we all become categorised. There always seems to be desires within all to specialise and make note on who someone is or what they are. It seems we all search for identity and perhaps are confused when someone can't pin-point their own. Does it raise the question of, shouldn't we be better as humans to accept sooner, how and what people are? Why so often do we naturally react to the unknown or different with unsettled response; perhaps we shouldn't take so much time in making up our own minds for it is for others to decide themselves.
'I move from coast to coast seemingly at whim, doing the same "nothing" in Los Angeles that I was doing just as easily in New York; my love life is baffling, my romantic entanglements lasting, on average, about forty-five minutes; I sometimes go for weeks, even months, not speaking to anyone, in a state of willful solitary confinement, and, far from unsettling me, this seems to bring me nothing but peace and fulfillment; despite having a law degree, and having clerked for a federal judge, which should have earned me a salary by now of at least $250,000 a year, my most recent bout of employment, for $12 an hour, was babysitting a seven-year-old girl named Ruth; I own nothing, and save nothing, and accomplish nothing tangible, and have no permanent hold on life whatsoever...
This difficulty in summing me up drives people crazy. They won't have it. Whether I like it or not, they'll find just the right label for me -- homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, polysexual, metrosexual, metasexual; autosexual, cryptosexual, crypticsexual, protosexual, extraterrasexual, gender-bender, glam-boy, player, poseur, flaneur, slut, aesthete, dandy, lebenskunstler; lotus-eater; bohemian nymph; bourgeois nymph; bourgeois nymph masquerading as a bohemian nymph! -- and, whether they like it or not, they’re determined to make it stick.'

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