Friday, 6 May 2011

Always trying to work things out


Why do we talk so much about working things out

Why do we discuss

Why exhaust

Why search

Why a desperation

Why the chase

The desire

Why do anything?

Would we be vegetables?

Why why why...

I think if we think too much we can all end up in a riddle. I think deep down the only thing that may kill me is myself or some genetic defect. This may sound a little bit dramatic but more so every day I believe I understand a little bit more why people find no other option but to commit suicide. I don't mean from a frustrating point of view-in the sense that they can't find an answer to their problem, or that they don't wish to take the hard path ahead, but in the way that most become overwhelmed by life. When there are so many options ahead it can become overwhelming and almost like a trap itself. With too many options to choose from, one can feel isolated and scared in what decision to make next.

Of course, deep sadness fills me when I think about this subject. It is a personal one and as much as one tries I am far from beyond getting anywhere near to what whomever may feel who decides to take this path...

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