Thursday, 10 February 2011

There's been a little slog.

So no blog for quite a few days. I suppose I felt no urge to write, in risk of exhausting the point. But of course, If you don't write, the point will never come across. I had little to write except which has already been said. I believe there is no need to force things if it just doesn't feel right. Lets enlighten and share what is already out there for us to discover, and add to it ourselves.
This article is the best piece I have read today so far, and the below quote made my day:
'At 21, you can be single even if you are having a relationship with someone. You don't have to decide right away that this is an exclusive relationship...Be honest with each other. Be frank. Share what you are afraid to share. Be fearless. It's your future. It's your world.'
We all make choices. Deep down we know what we want, and don't want most of the time. We should avoid getting ourselves into vulnerable positions where we feel our happiness is jeopardised for somebody else's. If you are honest with yourself and with the people involved in your life, who knows, you may achieve the lifestyle you desire and be able to involve those you find interesting too. If you really don't want to do something, then don't. So many of us feel guilt towards our behaviour, our desires- though most of the time the way we behave feels the norm to us-it becomes our instant instinct.

Quite regularly people rely on another persons response to justify their feelings, behaviour, responses to everyday situations. As if another persons opinion should even matter?! We behave how we do because it feels right to us. Of course we know what's regarded as right and wrong. I always say, unless it comes across with an intention to hurt someone, then you aren't wrong for feeling and behaving how you do. It's making the most out of those emotions with a positive reflection-learn from them.
A conversation, piece of writing, even a sentence or a few key words can infuse you with encouragement.

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