Wednesday, 16 February 2011


What made me smile today...

'Shift your perspective. You're not running the show.

What we express does not originate inside us. What we express we pass on. We borrow. We are conduits. This yearning, this is not from inside you. It is your response to an invitation. Or you might say it is a pressure differential rooted externally. The world is trying to pull something out of you. Let the world pull this thing out of you. Let the world act on you.

The future is unknowable. If it's in the right direction, that's often good enough.

If there are lights on the horizon that attract you, start walking toward them.'



  1. Just learn to listen to that little voice inside. Not the one that says me me me, the one that is connected to ....... everything

  2. Have you ever noticed that the universe gives you what you need, not what you want. Sometimes its a kiss on the cheek, sometimes a kick in the nuts. You don't have a choice in it, it will happen anyway. I guess the secret is noticing it and learning from it. I would have thought one kick in the nuts is enough for anyone