Monday, 14 February 2011

A piece of the past to learn for the present

With coming to terms with 'happiness', (yes, I do believe some people do have to come to to terms with it if it has been so alien before) one stumbled across this article.

Ideally the week would flow like this, people would be less stressed and more chilled if we had
a four day week and a 3 day weekend.

Balance out what people see as good, from bad-usually work is always
seen as a negative, a chore.

Humans should learn to accept that life is now, when we die we will
die and that we shouldn't battle with science to prolong the time we
have been given, and the time we give ourselves to live, learn and

Why drag out the aging process?

'We must measure the gains to our ageing population of today's
fast-developing medicine against the problems created globally.'
Sure, you can call it aging. Although, I'd prefer to call it, growing.

Wisdom does not come with age, it comes from growth...

It frustrates me that most of the time, some can seem more surprised
when they are having a good day, as apposed to the generic everyday,
the usual standard we all 'put up' with. Everyday should be the 'good
day', and when a day becomes greater than some, it should be seen as a
exception. Life would seem less of a battle and chase, if the majority
were fulfilled.

I feel we should all recognise more frequently how everyday should be
appreciated, celebrated. Perhaps then there would be less desire to
unhealthily extend life beyond what naturally should occur. What is
meant to be, will be. Of course there are some exceptions, religion
affecting say, the choice to receive blood if needed. We could break
it down until it becomes unrewarding. We can all question how
unnatural or natural this opportunity is to extend life...

Most aren't satisfied. Many people crave. The desperation and lack of,
just being, actually makes me sick. More damage is done wasting time
with unsettlement. Myself for example was not so content a few
months/weeks or even days back. Now I am more settled. It's
interesting how becoming used to this feeling feels and it has become a task
or adjustment. Unfortunately some cannot get used to it so quickly.
Shame. Though it has to be said, many make problems for themselves
because they are not used to feeling satisfied, perhaps with what they
have, or, they don't realise what they have, is good. I find myself
guilty of this. Overwhelmed must not turn to underwhelmed. Most should
just be whelmed. Which I imagine is zen.

Thrive for every day.
Breathe and savour it.
For everyday is new, and we should just embrace.

And also. Embarrassment is a funny thing too. I personally, believe
that I rarely become embarrassed. Mostly because I think why should I
feel shame for my actions. Most of the time it is others which cause
us to feel embarrassed, because of how they react to our actions. They
are the ones that struggle to accept, not I.

At first when writing this I wrote 'Fuck them.' Where as now I see that one day too those people will laugh. All we can do is smile at them and know we are cool within ourselves.

If one self can laugh at our own actions, doesn't that make us the
more 'superior' person-if you choose to look at it like that. Surely
the other person is feeling more embarrassment for themselves-for some
strange reason. They are uncomfortable with what has happened to us-for themselves to be the witness. It is always better to laugh then to hold on to
'shame'. Without laughter, are we causing unnecessary shame for

Unnecessary pain.

If more people smiled at each other, without shame of rejection and
judgement...  We all should just be more pleasant. And then people
would think, ah, its not so bad after all.

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