Thursday, 17 February 2011


How image can affect everything can be a huge wonder.

We all respond in different ways to colours, signs, shapes, expressions. It would seem we are all predators. We pounce on what we like, we seize, we take, we encompass.

What feels different to us should not be seen as a threat. Though most peoples intial reaction is to push away the unknown before giving it a chance. To some, certain emotions are alien and they do not want to expose themselves to such things. Others, do not register with such familiarity and want to go beyond the comfort zone. I suppose many are on a defense or would prefer to have someone close to guide them on the way.

The balance between the two is a curious one.

I can see why having to explain yourself, or more so describe yourself can be a little wearing. Of course you would rather display your true self than the reserved kind. I could say why waste time, though its strange that we all follow a gut instinct of where and when the right place and moment is to truly be. If that instinct was rid perhaps most days would have more colourful results. Or are we basing ourselves in the wrong environment which perhaps is restricting our creative flow?

Image is everything. Location is everything. Though the people make it what it is. And so does the attitude you bring with it, to it and how you treat what comes to you as well.

Sometimes people can say words but they just don't mean anything. Sometimes they can just fill a gap. Though I feel however light they may feel-everything builds up to something. Anything can lead and everything can wonder. It all just depends whether the way they wonder is right for you.

Most of the time we already know what to do, sometimes it takes others to remind us. Most days I feel like I may be repeating myself-or am I just reminding one of what needs be to keep it going and maintain? The fall back would be awful.

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