Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I think we have all been there

Perhaps not in this particular way, but the meaning of it is you always get to that point when you know you just have to sort it out.

Sometimes it helps the reactions of others or odd behavior of ourselves for it to stare us in the face-now is time to balance it out and evaluate our ways.

We wallow in our ways. It takes others to remind us when to kick ourselves out of them. 

Sometimes it is good for someone to tell you to shut up. It's even better when you tell yourself that, and really listen. We tell ourselves most things we already know, but do we always live on our own advice? It's always easier to tell someone else what to do, though with ourselves perhaps the lessons are only learned the hard way-not necessarily too late. We can't always see it as a negative, the outcome will only make us greater. 

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