Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I mean this with all my heart...

Please grow a pair


'My friends are the ones who have actually supported me through this chaotic time. They are the ones who have made me feel less alone.'

Alone is good. There is a difference between needing and being as you are.

I hope more realise this because it does get tedious reading complaints about people being alone, when really they mean lonely-and desire company.

Hit the nail on the head and sort the issues out.


Too much pressure is placed on valentines day.

Some would say society.

At this point I would blame ourselves.

We are silly enough to be taken by the belief of the commercial Valentine.

Enjoy your time as one. Because we all are one.

Use the initiative to know that there is no wrong in essentially having no other 'one' to go home too.

Why do we feel 'incomplete' as ourselves? There should be no dependence on knowing there is someone else at our side (you know, just in case we need them...)

Comfort comes from you being you, as you, alone, as one.

You could call it contentment.

I find that a greater relationship of them all

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