Wednesday, 16 February 2011

So so

Ok, so I feel the need to write but find little really driving me to really write. Usually there is a necessary release connected, whether its a nature of daily content im not sure. This is one thing I do not want to give up on.

I would love to be able to write a smile. Because that is what I would like to put on the page without having to draw the emotion.

My sense of gratitude and warmth inside cannot be just with words. I suppose in some ways these feelings can only be expressed-can we really 'need' to describe. Desire to describe and to simply have things written down to clarify and expel.  To show and experience perhaps is the better way, and taking that moment to feel it and make the most of it too.

A part of my life I wonder how long I can keep it up for. Being on the surface can only take its toll. Its great to unite together and to feel a restriction seems to have affect on other passions I live for.

I never want to lose my drive and have concerns perhaps It can be focused into frustration a little too much for my liking these days. It should not affect my passion, lust and energy.

It should just flow without thinking too much about it.

It's always great to take yourself away.

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