Thursday, 9 June 2011

A simply dangerous set up

Don't we really like it when thing's seem to go a lot easier than we initially thought? A part of us seems to expect the worse, though isn't this kind of attitude a danger in itself? We end up setting ourselves up with the wrong face on our shoulders and perhaps cause more tension then needs be.

Why not anticipate the unknown and say to yourself, I wonder how this may turn out. If thoughts of doubt linger over our head then they will affect our treatment towards a subject we may not feel 100% about. I think sometimes we don't give ourself enough credit in the power we have individually to change something around. In a way, what only makes something a little bit uncertain are the vibes we create with our mind. Our attitudes and levels of confidence represent to others as much as ourselves our capabilities, something only exists in truth if we all agree and believe it too. We can't always assume the worst.


  1. Tis called lizard brain. Is a part of the brain we share similarities to with chickens and lizards, which makes us fear the unknown, failure and taking chances. Is a primeval instinct which keeps those animals alive, but is nothing more than a barrier to us. There's no way to quash the voice, just to know it's there, why it's there & try to push past it.

  2. Mother Flounce says embrace it when things go well. Whats the point of worrying about the unknown? It doesn't worry about you. The voice inside may once have been a lizard brain but we don't need it to survive. You can either ignore the voice inside or listen to it. Either way you know what the answer is. It's always there and it's never going to go away. We need it to remind ourselves how good life can be not how bad it is. There is no use in trying to ignore it. It's not a bad thing. Are you glass half full or glass half empty? In life we are drawn to happy confident individuals and these people never have to seek out friendship or company -it happens naturally. Look around the room next time you are in a crowd and pick out those individuals. Maybe you are one of these people but forget it sometimes...... Look for the silver lining.