Thursday, 2 June 2011

Made In Chelsea

Usually a sentence like 'I am ashamed to admit, my guilty TV choice is 'Made In Chelsea', yet for me I have no guilt. I really enjoy it!

I feel drawn to programmes like these because of their desire for its demographic to endure an idea of ones lifestyle. We all desire to learn what is different from our own. Increasingly throughout the series, FINALLY the editing has got fairly better and some of the shots are beautifully captured.

Getting passed the conventions and structured scenes of 'Chelsea', I would like to focus on the particular lifestyles and attitudes shown within the programme. Of course we have to take everything with a pinch of salt, hours of endless editing exists to construct a storyline and exchanged glances across the table to create drama. All bitchiness aside, I find it interesting to examine the general attitudes across each character. 

Without mentioning names, I feel that though these people may be seen as to 'have it easy', a large part of me thinks they have their priorities in the right place. Their current day to day generally seems based on sourcing pleasure. They seek when to have the next best social event or together occasion. They thrive from being around others and enjoying themselves. Sure, we all assume that the rich are delusional towards what 'living' really is, though deep down we know that if there were a choice for ourselves-as if we would turn down the lavish lifestyle. 
To have a piece of 'what shall I do today, because I can', instead of 'what shall we do in two weeks because we have to save'...I am glad to see these people enjoying themselves and making the most of what they have got. If we saw people of the such moaning all the time (all personal dramas aside) and not going out at all-I am sure we would hold grudges about the programme even more!


  1. Unfortunately the show shows a side of life which leans towards the delusional. The rich are not rich because they are naturally this way, they are rich because they work for it! Made in Chelsea is simply a disgusting delusion appealing to those who wish they were born into wealth; which...admittedly some people are... But those who it pander to are unswervingly not. I personally find the show a disturbing view into an all but unrealistic style of life.

    Post, an Anonymous Facebook Fan :)

  2. Hey, thank you for the comment!

    ...Unrealistic lifestyle perhaps, or somewhat not the majority?

    So what do you think about shows such as 'The only way is Essex' when they have wealth as well?