Friday, 3 June 2011


Salon reviews the film 'Beginners', I was curious to this film to begin with though now I am very keen to watch it, and even go to the cinema to view. Yes, I know it seems weird for me to say that, but for someone who gets restless even with the thought of watching tv-cinemas can seem a tiny bit daunting.

I love the review, the following points I really take to heart. I have selected a few quotes which I think fit in nicely with perspective:
'Beginning with death, the end of an individual's life, has a peculiar elegance, in that it reminds us that human life is not primarily a question of individuals, and that places and objects and memories and threads of consciousness connect us across generations.'
'Hal was a museum curator, and he's right of course: Those things do fit together in some mysterious pattern. Allow yourself to see them in the right way, and they're beautiful.'

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