Monday, 24 January 2011

The weekend wonder

Traveling, I find encourages you to love those in your life more. It takes the whole pace of a journey, usually spending that time on your own, for you to get those unique moments where your brain clicks. The image of a steep vertical comes to mind, but changes to a horizontal horizon. Time with others only enhances my love for those also in my life, some I may not have seen recently. That being a couple of days, weeks or months. A unique euphoria, which I feel so blessed for.

The ability to dance and flounce and float through the day on my happy high, I am so lucky. Because what does everything really come down to? Obviously, the basic survival importance's comes with a necessity to maintain yourself: job, money, social life. But lets enjoy it right? Feel Everything. Touch everything! Not just physically, I'm talking about with your mind. Everything you see, give it a smile-perhaps not a massive pearly whites kind but smile from within. Appreciate that it's there now and exists, before you know it, it all could disappear.

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