Monday, 31 January 2011

Time for ourselves

To seem alone, though one is really lonely. Some may say we compensate for it in ways which seem normal at the time, but they are actually cushioning our emotions. Every human is unsatisfied. To a point. It would help if we perhaps analyse what is good in our lives and what part each people make in it.
I can really understand patterns in my past behaviour and realising now that life is not a case of loneliness, it's a case of being, alone, as one. And not depending on anyone either. Or depending on anything more, as such, for me to enjoy time as myself, as me. No-one is a cushion for my happiness, my levels are what I create and encourage within my own life to enjoy my time alive. I make my life, no-one else does.
Several examples, religion, relationships, substances all can be a cushion of this and seem like a happy part, contrasting the chaos that surrounds our everyday lives. Essentially this is a misguided view of life and false hope. Lets be real yeah? We live for now and not for the future (as such). Perhaps everyone should take time to be, whether they are in a relationship or not, and have time to reflect on realising they do have the strength to come home, to an empty room, their OWN space. And they are OK. Feel no fear to be alone. Because time by yourself doesn't represent lonely. It represents one. As a whole.
Imagine being so strong as one, so comfortable within yourself, confidence and happiness and loving everything around you that makes you happy. Doubling it, tripling it, sharing with those you care for who share the same senses too, their warmth for the world and appreciation for their external influences-their daily challenges. We all only learn and thrive from our daily 'chaos'. Could you even call it chaos if you learn from it? Learning from it makes it become a positive-you benefit, it makes you, you. Evaluate the substances we bring to ourselves and really examine what influence they take in our lives. If they are an aid of comfort, a support, a blanket...than do they really benefit us?

Substance is this case could mean person, object, something we can intake into our body...anything...
On the one hand you could say substance could be anything you turn to, when life doesn't feel so great, in order to make you feel better. What may seem to make us happy could actually be a misconception of reality. Perhaps if we shed all the extra substances we hide our true selves with, than alone would not feel so scary...?
With the substance gone, would we realise that perhaps what we were trying to cushion, trying to kid ourselves about, the issue would be dealt with and less time agonising ourselves would be spent. I know it's easy to say 'lets achieve happiness in a quicker time', but we spend so much time avoiding the real truth. Ripping off the plaster wouldn't be so bad, alternatively-what option do we have? Defer the pain for much longer or deal with things now-and see what happens?
I personally find that much more exciting than lingering with the 'what I know already'.
Risk is good. It makes you feel alive.
One massive example is religion. People turn to their God for advice, help, comfort. They pray, sing, wish, hope in order for a better life, an afterlife and a good life at the present. I have always found this a wondrous process. I don't agree with it, at all. (though find no need to treat it with no respect-I behave accordingly to those with this lifestyle) It all feels like a method, a sense of false hope.
Someone once said to me before, 'when times are hard and you have no-one to turn to, then at least you have God'. This, made me laugh. Not at them. Not at anyone who believes in a God. Just in the fact that, well, the silliness in general human nature. I mean this in no arrogant way, for anyone who may disagree with my above thoughts, but surely human nature would have advanced to realise that it is more of a greater achievement to find strength within yourself, to feel no need to turn to anything, to be able to deal with a problem/issue/moment of discomfort yourself? Wouldn't intelligence suggest to urge one no sense of created hope, and be realistic? I am not saying, people who go to friends for advice are fools-we all do it. I LOVE THAT. It's how we roll as human beings and its lovely.

Sometimes it's not even a case of wanting words, sometimes it's great to be close and have a hug. I just see no sense in masking reality with the mis-conception of religion-in creating a pivotal figure who seemingly will always have the right answer. It's an illusionary happiness. You can't touch it. It is not physical. At least finding happiness within yourself without turning to a huge development of ideas is more rewarding? You can see it. Just look in the mirror.
Substance-meaning anything that makes us feel better and takes us away from the world.
Why are we taking it? The peak may seem great at the time, but afterwards how do we really feel? If you find it is something that makes you feel happy, but for a subjective short period of time-perhaps this is something to overcome. Challenge yourself. The unknown is good. It's interesting.

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  1. cursor problems here on my 'droid phone Flounce, can't get it back to the beginning, so I'll have to end with my greeting!! I'm just on my break trying to think of the Zen passages in an old time manual on manriki gusari (Japanese weighted chain) your blog reminded me of... it was something like...
    "I have no magic just my personality."
    "I have no castle just my resourcefulness."
    Anyway brrr it's so cold, looking fwd to getting back to my nice warm basement, till next time, Hi Flounce