Wednesday, 26 January 2011


'You lost your dad and will lose your mom eventually. And then you will be gone too. We're all going to be gone. So there is little point to struggling against it.'
I think this has been the most poignant quote I have read today. 

On a daily basis, there are always battles.Unfortunately, these battles largely consist of the ones we appose ourselves. Be it with work, people, relationships, money, health e.t.c everyday there is always going to be an internal battle with one self:
'Because we are not just material creatures but creatures of thought and light and feeling, we are never wholly subject to problems of money and disease and loss. There is always something more to us. We are much more than our missed court dates and our poor appetites. We are much more than our rags and our bills.'
There can be such beauty in words, the words don't have to be a sentence, some can just be strands:
'we're all part of something immensely bigger, that we were brought into being in a certain form by this universe and there is no reason to suspect that we will go out of existence from this universe in any less miraculous and beautiful way.'
Sometimes it just takes a little reminder for us all to realise what we need to do with ourselves, sometimes we are doing it already without realising. It can be a painful thing to see one infront of you that suffers. Yet we must all accept that all we can give is our words. There is no need to force our own energy in trying to control their situation, because when it comes down to it, it has to take that individual to really want to change their situation-if they so believe it is right for them. Patience is necessary. Don't overcrowd them. Allow them their space.

Put your frustrations aside. People don't listen when you shout.

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