Thursday, 27 January 2011

Do we create our own problems?

I would say this article is what has inspired me mostly today. The following paragraph sent a huge sense of wow through me. We all experience our own journeys, I feel like I have experienced a rather large one myself, it has given me such a new way of life that my excitement for what will happen in the future is a powerful luxury-it puts such a huge smile on my face everyday. The inside of me smiles. That may sound completely foreign but If only I could show what I feel inside then colours would fill the world.
'The van is my go-to place when I'm scared. The bottle is the go-to place for Williams. Other people run to shopping, to eating, to sex, to drugs. But we all run. It's just part of our journey.'
When I breathe, my body tingles. Haha I hear you all laugh. Whether it's at me, or with me, I really don't mind. All I know is that If everybody could feel this everyday, all day (not that I'm saying it's a constant feeling) then I'm fairly sure that the majority of the world would not feel unhappy, unsatisfied, and always chasing more. The feeling is gained from life experiences. As such, we are the ones In control of our life experiences.

Someone once said to me that we choose to be stressed. I have always disagreed with that statement, and partly took it as an insult because I used to be (and of course at times still am) an awfully stressed, worried, dramatic person who over thought about most things.Now that person feels so alien. Perhaps now on some level I agree with that statement. If that person Is reading this (you know who you are) I hope you laugh when you read. Do me the favour and laugh. We should all really laugh at things...

I feel my day today has shown me that perhaps, we are the ones who are a major impact in causing our own problems. There is a certain extent to what that statement means, of course we don't choose to be ill, we don't choose for those for other people to create problems for ourselves-BUT, it is within ourselves to be able to, I suppose find the way which feels most natural in order to respond to it.

Are we letting/allowing it all to happen? To take over us? We need to find a way to manage. Balance, I keep finding myself say. Essentially we choose how we may treat an issue, problem, person, anything!... We all just need to get to that place, to have the right attitude per say, where our natural instinct becomes the most logical instinct.

Breathe and imagine the problem to be physically in front of you. Like I have said before, it is all just words at the end of the day. Words are what we use to describe the emotions we feel. Be that something good, or something bad.

Imagine the emotion linked to the problem as a physical shape. Once it becomes taken out of your head, in some way, It may feel like a step forward into treating the problem. The problem should feel less mess and more like something to deal with, like a shape which can fit into the right hole. There is always a solution to the problem. Sometimes more time is required into gaining perspective for the most appropriate solution possible-FOR YOURSELF. Your solution may not always seem like the most reasonable for those linked to the problem. BUT. They will see it's right. If not now. Someday. Take and give everything the benefit of the doubt (probably some of the best advice someone has given me).

Apply this to your lifestyle now and you may find yourself re-evaluating what may seem like the norm, because it has always been that way right? Don't be scared to venture into the unknown, because in time you will realise it is the better way, you just didn't know it then/now. There will always be a place to go if you find, for whatever reasons, the changes you have decided to make aren't quite what you expected.

I know with myself, I had a ladder with goals, steps to be completed. Now these steps have been completed, my vertical has now become a horizontal. There are more steps to take, they are never ongoing, my ladder verges up into a cloud, yet at the moment it is more a bridge that wonders into a lovely mist.

We should celebrate the moments we all feel a particular moment of clarity. Find the way which feels best to you. Some kind words of advice. Just don't abuse it and get sucked into relying on anything to bring you back up again. It will be a false sense of living. You deserve what makes you feel happy. Don't beat yourself up about it. (Of course there are some things which you cannot take this advice to heart with, as one should evaluate if they are relying on something too much as a pick me up...)

One day it will all make sense. Enjoy the journey.

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