Thursday, 20 January 2011

Physical over Mental

So it all started from reading the following article. And of course, from daily interaction with some of the greatest people I've met.

The overall feeling for me today has been, that we place way too much pressure on ourselves about restricting one self from the things we enjoy. More stress is caused by the pressure we have created ourselves, how can we continue these goals per say, without them feeling too negative or like a chore? If we thrive from it, fair enough, but if overall it feels alien to us-are we sure it's the right thing to do?
Of course there is a balance to everything, I'm not saying everyone should give up, what I'm saying is, maybe we should all just take a moment. Some perhaps spend more time thinking about a particular aim, but more time uncomfortable about the situation, feeling less happy with that lifestyle than just doing what we want and having what we want, when we want it.

It's funny how we, as humans, if we have a weird day, or get worked up about something, the general saying is, 'ahh I need a drink', or 'I'll eat this because I'm fed up', we always find methods to direct our frustrations towards. Usually we know that these methods tend to not be the most healthiest options but they always feel the most satisfying when devilishly given into. Perhaps its natures way of telling us something is missing in our lives? Or maybe we are just putting way too much pressure on ourselves, for actually enjoying something! Are we all just getting used to a constant 'something wrong, or not quite right' lifestyle? Most of us enjoy food (or the potential thing you are trying to have less of) right!? So why, most of the time, can we not let it be? Surely if there wasn't so much pressure and constant reminder to eat (or other applicable things) this way, then it would all just flow by itself. When one restricts from something, you always become more aware of it. Here's a ridiculous example:
I love music, I may have the volume too loud on my headphones but I flipping play it loud because I get the most out of it in that sense! Yet I know if I said to myself, you shouldn't play it so loud, and I kept the volume to a minimum, I wouldn't enjoy the music so loud as much!...
What is the fucking point. I mean really. We spend so much time saying 'ooo i shouldn't too that and shan't do this'. 
Fuck off. I mean really just fuck off. There's that little voice in our heads which tells us no, you shouldn't, you shan't, isn't there? Sometimes you just have to live.
'So, yeah, this might be officially the world's lamest attempt to give something up for January. But you know what? Life really is too short to forgo one of your main pleasures just for the sake of it. If it's not LITERALLY-KILLING-YOU-RIGHT-NOW then why put yourself through it? My advice to all those ditching the chocolate/booze/Frazzles this January is to end the misery and return to the habit pronto. And then eat/drink a load more to make up for all the days you've missed.' 
Finally, at least there's someone out there that gets it. Everyone should just fuck themselves, but in a nice way of course. I was saying earlier that we create these issues for ourslves, but they aren't actually physical things. They are all just words. People may tell you their problems, annoyances e.t.c. not necessarily physically harming things (obviously for those who are experiencing physical pain from illness e.t.c then my sympathy goes out to you, sincerely it does) Yet all of these problems are just words. It's not like there are in front of you and you can see them, they are just words inside your head. So why the hell do we let them take over our lives and cause actual physical pain-stress-yes it's mental but it affects our physical self. It's so wasteful!!

If someone complains to you about something, which is out of your hands (and probably theirs too) just listen to them. Don't feel responsible for their woes. And when they are finished ranting, take a breath yourself, give them a hug and laugh. Because sometimes you just have to do that. Is there really a need for all this drama?

Just give it a thought, what are you gaining from it?

Of course we all lash out and need a release, and so release it. But do it knowing that afterwards, you should be able to laugh and not need to gain anything from anyone else who has to listen. Bear in mind that people do take on your problems themselves, its a helpless thing, its human nature to do so. We all want to help each other. Just don't dwell on it, and that ability will come to laugh laugh laugh.

I'm putting way too much pressure on myself to change particular things in my lifestyle, and after talking to a good friend of mine, I realised though I may be expressing my views to them in a way to benefit themselves, I'm not actually taking my own advice too. I am going to enjoy what I am punishing myself to not have, just because I can! I will, and I'll spend less time denying myself that fun, right!

Life is good. We should all enjoy it. We waste sooooo much time not enjoying it, It is all about balance..

Now do me a favour and listen to one of your favourite songs, and go nuts.

Dance, sing, scream, have whatever you are denying yourself of because

IS IT ALL WORTH IT!!!??? NO! Enjoy and be proud of YOU! I suppose what I'm hoping to do is inspire people. If someone takes anything from this, whatever it is, please let me know. I know to most people I sound crazy, and would probably look like I was on something if I were to describe my feelings in person-I'm passionate! Take me as you wish! Perhaps its because you don't hear this kind of stuff everyday, and it's a little out of the ordinary because its so blatantly staring at you in the face. I'm sure most of the people in the world thinking this already, we all just take a lot of time trying to work it all out

I don't need drugs to have a good time, I don't need alcohol to have a good time. I don't necessarily need too much. I have that ability within myself to be loud, quiet, silly, dance, sing, and just be without needing an excuse for behaving the way I do.

'oh i did that because i was drunk'...

'or give me a drink and ill be dancing all night'...

Sound familiar? Don't you think that it is just silly! You should just do that anyways without those mental constraints affecting your desire to have fun. Just be and have fun!!!!!!

All I want to do right now is hug those I know and show appreciation for everyone in my life. I am so lucky to be alive and hope that most people could feel the way I do. I feel like this every day and it's such a wonderful breeze. It actually could move one to tears because its so lovely, and gorgeous. It's beautiful.

I think it's called a breakthrough. We should all glow.

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  1. :-)))))
    Friday I get paid, I've got cash in my pocket, I'm big and I'm ugly, and I've got all sorts of illicit pleasures potentially available to me in the Big Smoke!...AND...
    AND... what I want to do IS...
    ...tantra!!!!...Hole up in my basement with a warm fluffy blanket doing some nice deep"AH" breaths...
    But also, well the thing is, some of it sounds a bit weird, cos for some of the exercises I have to growl, make babababababa type noises, etc.
    So I try to do it at a reasonable hour, 12MD on a Saturday, at that time there's building noises going on, kids are tearing up the road on stolen scooters, crackheads are arguing outside about money etc etc. Also I try to damp the sound as much as I can in various ways so it doesn't bother anyone. So surely no-ones going to be bothered by a few growls right?
    And I get a lot from doing it, it really works, so I think why should I give it up?
    But last week one of my neighbours started repeatedly taking the piss out of my growling in a nasty way.
    So I growled "dickhead" at him.
    This week I got no complaints about growling.
    Anyway, Flounce, I think you're very cool.