Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Why is it that we let ourselves become affected by a dream? It can set you up for the day, not necessarily in the most pleasant sense though.

On walking to work (and rushing because I left later than I should have) I felt panicked. Not necessarily because I was late, just there was an overwhelming sense of, is everything ok?

It's strange that we let ourselves become so worked up and even ill over worry. I go through a process in my head, kind of like a tick list. Do I have everything I need? Basic things to help me through the day. But then there's another list I go through in my head, assessing whether there are any further issues that need to be resolved. Emotions, doubts about anything. There is always that extra voice in your head which runs at all different speeds. Perhaps If we all took a moment more often to really listen to it then most people wouldn't feel stress or worry these days. Sometimes you just have to take yourself away from the world, and create your own bubble. There is no harm. Infact you could say that it may even set you up nicely for the next day to come. A satisfactory escape from whatever your most regular weekly routine is. Perhaps, linking how I feel to my dream. It's a matter of exposure. But then you have just got to laugh. I find the greatest comfort in moments when you tell your friends about your crazy day, the stress, the drama. And after a slight pause, they just laugh.

Everything, when it's happening feels like the most crazy, odd, sad, unpleasant moment possible. But you get through it. All you can do is learn and take from it. Does it really become a negative experience? It all becomes a story to tell.

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  1. Great blog, Flounce. I'd like to add a comment on something you mentioned, the extra voice in someone's head. This reminds me a bit of the concept the Ancient Greeks had of the agathodaemon.
    Basically, the agathodaemon was a link between gods and mortals. Socrates said he had one who he met in dreams. Apparently Socrates had a critical one, it didn't give him much constructive advice, but instead only gave him a heads up when he was about to do something stupid.
    (There's also a similar thing in ancient Iranian religion, the "fravashi"...these were a bit like Valkyries, female beings , winged and inhabiting the air. But they were originally the departed soul of a heroes, helping and protecting their descendants...)
    No one believes in this stuff anymore (or not many ;-) ) but maybe there's something in it if inner voices, gut feelings for things, can be seen as part of a Collective Unconsciousness?