Thursday, 28 April 2011

Self holidays

I think we forget how good life really is. And yes I know, I have said this before.

I mean, it takes a smile from someone else, a compliment from another for us to remember what is good about ourselves. For us to start appreciating who we are, because we are ultimately too hard on ourselves. That feel good feeling should be everyday, and we know that!

You could say it's euphoria; today someone said they feel 'all confident now' after receiving some kind words. It does amaze me what may be said by another, the words will flow and you won't even think too much about them, but to another those words mean the world and make their day. A smile has the same effect; doing a job which involves sitting down and observing the world go by, you tend to take note with people's reactions to things. You see the slight wince in their eye or the sudden perk to their expression.

There is a fine line between making it all up and really meaning what you say. Of course, every word can be manipulated but is that really the ideal. How long can you keep up the appearance? It is much more refreshing to just listen sometimes and really take in the person standing infront of you. A lot of the time, people tend to rush their conversation, be it in haste of aniticipation towards something else or, in pure excitement to another. Listen to them. I mean really listen. Look at them and listen. A lot of the time I find people look, but they aren't listening and looking hard enough. They only see the surface. Are we too involved with ourselves or are we struggling to come up with the next thing to say? It sounds accusational, I just think sometimes we forget to put ourself in the other persons position. What may be natural to one can seem like a quite intimidating experience for the other who partakes. Perhaps we should be giving ourself patience as much as the other person, we do find it easy to forget what a past life was like. It can hit us in the face because of course, who really does want to remember a time when new things were daunting and somewhat confusing to take in and accept. We all wear masks, we all put on the brave face. We all take that deep breath before walking through THAT door. I think we should give a little credit to what is going to be behind that door, whether what is there really listens to you or not I think it best to give thought to why it may behave in the way it does.

I feel it best to tell people what is really going on in your life. Even if you think what you are doing is uninteresting, someone else may not. I don't like this fear people attach to themselves, when they are talking about themselves. There seems to be this air in proving our worth, in a way selling ourselves to seem the most desirable. Where does it all come from? Some over sell and some under sell-making the unattainable desirable because they are unavailable. Though ultimately I think they are just scared themselves in putting one out there...

Harsh perhaps, but I do say don't hold back. Wouldn't you rather come away from a time and think, yes I did all I could rather than, what a shame I should have said this, or have done that...As black and white as it may sound, life is now and not tomorrow in a sense. I suppose patience in those times will allow us to make the most of then, have the present with the power to get the most. Fear only holds us back. For new experiences, perhaps think about how long they will last for, whether you know if they will involve some sort of uncomfortable experience or not-following it through may lead you to a new outlook on things. And who knows where you may end up then...

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