Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Forgetting we are human-is this all too familiar?

I suppose most of my blog posts recently have been telling the world about other peoples stories, instead of writing my own. So I apologise.

I think it gets to a point, where we all make excuses for ourselves and for other people. Perhaps 'sorry' is the most appropriate word to use without having to dribble out an extremely boring and irrelevant explanation to reason how we feel. Who are we really reasoning for?


It is questionable whether most of the time, deep down we know that the particular circumstances we apologise for-we really don't care about that much at all. I am sure we all value the true importance compared to the tiny things we get ourselves worked up about. I hope we all aren't making too many excuses for ourselves, and other people-to justify what we think we shouldn't feel.

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