Monday, 4 July 2011

GP: Shouldn't this rather stand for, Generally Prioritising?

Apologies if this offends, but in my experience and perhaps most will agree; General Practitioners really do press my buttons...

The biggest question for me is, how ill do you have to seem to thoroughly get listened too? Of course we could all put on the sympathy act in this case, but when you have to relay to your doctor what has been the problem and what the next steps they wanted to take are-this doesn't actually help towards developing your faith in someone who pretty much is in control of your health.

Sure, its fair to say that they do have time schedules and we are limited to 5-10 minutes per appointment; though when it comes to tests, what to look for-I would like to instigate some confidence that they can prioritise the particulars they are looking for. When something gets forgotten about it becomes very hard in a sense to forgive or more to the point, remain calm. Health I believe is something you just can't just neglect.

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